Luna Investment Management needs to collect, maintain and use personal data relating to you to allow us to process your applications and provide appropriate advice during your time as a client.

Luna Investment Management needs to collect process and hold on file personal data to help with the advice we give you in accordance with your objectives and needs, this will be done through our Fact Finding process.

Data collected during the meetings you have with your adviser will be used for the purposes of maintaining your client profile, managing the processes in relation to the recommended products, providing the personal advice we give you and managing our on-going services to you.

Whilst you are a client, we will also share your personal data with the product providers we recommend to you for the purposes of enabling them to meet their commitments to you.

As part of our anti-money-laundering procedures we may require a photograph of you and other identifying documentation supplied by yourself. This photograph and other documentation will be used for identification and security purposes and held on your client file. We will also use a 3rd party to confirm your identification electronically.

While you are a client

The personal data held about you is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. It is shared internally where appropriate in order to meet the purposes detailed above. The Act requires any information held is accurate and continues to be accurate as long as you are a client; also, that it has been processed fairly and lawfully. It gives you the right to check the information held and to correct it if necessary. You should contact us on a regular basis to update the information we hold on you. This will help us with our ongoing advice and service to you.

Your information will be kept securely and not shared with unconnected 3rd parties or sold on to other companies.

Luna Investment Management is required in some circumstances to disclose data, where there is a legal obligation to do so, for example:

In response to a statutory request by a government department
To assist in the prevention or detection of crime

If you leave Luna Investment Management as a client

In principle, your personal data shouldn’t be held for longer than is required under the terms of our contract for services with you. However, Luna Investment Management is subject to regulatory requirements to retain data for specified minimum periods. We also reserve the right to retain data for longer than this due to the possibility it may be required to defend a future claim against us. In any case, we’ll not retain your personal data for longer than 6 years past the time of your death. We are legally obligated to keep information and advice pertaining to Pension Transfers indefinitely. Please read Our Privacy Notice for more information which is available on our website.

The Data Protection Officer

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