We offer a truly bespoke service with expert communication and comprehensive administration, underpinned by award-winning technology.

Our team of investment management professionals genuinely care about their clients. Each is highly qualified with combined investment experience in excess of 150 years and a proven track record of investment returns and high quality service.

We take full responsibility for all investment decisions taken within client portfolios. Our business is structured with the client’s specific requirements in mind and, most importantly, we treat our clients as individuals – there is no room for ‘one size fits all’ in how we operate.


Luna is committed to building a long-term relationship with clients and their advisors. We specialise in providing tailored investment management solutions.

Our core service is discretionary investment management and under this arrangement, clients give Luna authority to invest money on their behalf, within agreed parameters. These parameters are established with the client at the outset and are reviewed regularly. They cover a client’s specific risk appetite, time horizon and investment objectives. Discretionary management ensures investment decisions can be made and implemented efficiently and proactively amid ever changing market conditions.

Luna also provides advisory services. Under this arrangement, the client still retains access to the Luna investment team and advice but no changes are made to the portfolio without the client’s express permission.

The investment services provided by Luna are available within a wide range of financial planning structures such as ISA, pensions (SIPP and SSAS), offshore bonds, Family Investment Companies and Trusts.

Personal preferences

Luna recognises that your investment portfolio is your asset and we are privileged to work with you to help meet financial objectives. As part of this, we will always look to incorporate your personal preferences in the management of these investments. For example, you may wish the investment strategy to take account of your personal ethical considerations, preferred holdings or unique tax status.

Ethical and sustainable

Some clients seek to incorporate certain ethical, religious or sustainable investment criteria into their investment strategy that are particularly important to them. Luna is able to accommodate this and use a third party screening company to help us exclude those companies that do not fit with a client’s personal preferences. Similarly, Luna can highlight those companies committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental, social or governance (ESG) behaviour.

Third Platform Services

Luna employs the services of a nominee company to ensure safekeeping of clients assets. A nominee company also allows prompt settlement of investment management transactions and efficient administration associated to client investment, such as the receiving of dividends, daily valuations and tax reports.

Luna has chosen to partner with the nominee company provided by Third Platform Services, part of Third Financial. Third Platform Services is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and HMRC. It is also a member of Crest and the London Stock Exchange.

Clients of Luna remain the legal owner of their assets at all times. These assets are reconciled regularly and are kept completely separate from the assets of Luna and Third Platform Services. Client money is held with Barclays and Bank of Scotland.

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Luna Investment Management Limited is an appointed representative of Thornbridge Investment Management LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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