This service is only available to Financial Advisers and is a model portfolio based approach on external third-party platforms.

Luna conducts due diligence on the individual funds to create five risk-rated portfolios which we believe are invested in products with ESG at the centre of what they do.

Key facts;

  • Available on the following platforms – Advance by Embark, Aviva, Novia, Standard Life and Transact.
  • Actively managed – both at an asset allocation and security perspective.
  • Combining Luna’s knowledge with experts dedicated to this type of investing.
  • The portfolios are rebalanced quarterly.
  • We have five risk-rated portfolios – from a traditional more cautious portfolio up to an equity only portfolio.
  • These portfolios are invested solely in collectives funds or ETFs and combine both active (picking fund managers who we believe can deliver outperformance relative to their benchmark) and passive funds (that replicate a benchmark).
  • Competitive fees.

The chart below details the different types of investment product that exist in the market place. Luna has decided to combine a number of these different styles because we believe it builds a well-diversified portfolio.

For example, we have funds that have exclusions, appointed active fund managers who conduct ESG company analysis and have extensive experience in this.

We have selected funds where they go a step further and are seeking to have a positive impact on how they invest and finally we have selected funds that are dedicated to ‘green investing’ by selecting products dedicated to both clean energy investing and green bonds.

For more information on the Model Portfolio – please find attached the factsheets and cost and charges document for this service.

ESG Investing Downloads

ESG MPS Factsheets – Combined

Download PDF

Model Portfolio FactSheet – ESG 1


Model Portfolio FactSheet – ESG 2


Model Portfolio FactSheet – ESG 3


Model Portfolio FactSheet – ESG 4


Model Portfolio FactSheet – ESG 5


Before investing please check the specific risk factors on the key features document as some strategies can be high risk; they may also have risks relating to the geographical area, industry sector and/or underlying assets in which they invest. Taxation is dependent on individual circumstances and is subject to change.